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Creating Beautiful Ceremonies

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Formalities for couples

For Australian & overseas couples

A Marriage cannot take place in Australia unless a Notice of Intended Marriage has been completed and filed.
This must be completed and in the hands of the celebrant at least one month before a wedding can take place.
The Notice of Intended Marriage is valid from the date of being signed for 18 months only.
If the marriage has not taken place within that time a new Notice of Intended Marriage must be initiated and again one month and one day must pass before the marriage can take place.

For Australian citizens

An original birth certificate must be produced and sighted by the celebrant as well as photo I.D. If you don’t have your original birth certificate you can apply for it from the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages in the state you were born in. An Australian passport is not, in it’s self, enough.

If born overseas

A birth certificate is preferred, but if impossible to obtain then a valid overseas passport showing date of birth and place of birth, IN ENGLISH, must be produced. If using a birth certificate photo I.D. is also necessary.  A cancelled passport is not acceptable.

For both Australian and those born overseas

If previously married the divorce certificate / Final dissolution of marriage needs to be sighted by the celebrant. As is a death certificate if applicable.