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So, you’re engaged…what next???

So, you’re engaged…what next???

By In Uncategorized On January 27, 2014

It’s the New Year and you’ve just just got engaged – it’s the most exciting time of your life, but what should you expect now and what do you need to know?

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We love this article from Hallie Goodman, listing the ‘Things No One Tells You About Wedding Planning’,

Here are a few snippets from her article:

When it comes to planning your day, at least a few surprises are, well, straight-up unavoidable. Of course, it pays to be prepared, but know that even the most meticulous preparation won’t make you completely curveball-exempt.

Throwing a casual wedding is just as much work as throwing a fancy one
Whether the napkins you’ll use are made of paper or of silk, you’ve still got to pick those suckers. And whether you’ll serve French fries or filet, wear couture or a simple vintage frock, the same holds true.
Solved:  Allotting a generous portion of time in which to plan — sans panic. No matter your style, a year is typically just about right.

You’re talking  about your wedding way more than you think
Did the eyes of your mum and your bridesmaids start to glaze over the last time you tried to show them once again pictures of bouquets? Yeah, you’re guilty.
Solved: Accept that you might not actually be able to press pause on the compulsive wedding chatter. Hey, you’re excited, and that’s cool! But expecting one or two people to listen to all of it? Too much. Share the love. Spread the obsessing out over a wider circle of friends.

Words like “classic” are highly subjective.
Your definition of the word “classic” may mean preppy yellow and blue at a yacht club, but to your planner, it could mean black-tie ballroom with ornate décor.
Solved: No matter what detail you’re planning, a picture is worth a thousand words. Show your suppliers what “classic” means to you by bringing them examples of what you want.

You will randomly stress-cry over something, be it tablecloths, invites or the dress your mum has chosen
Your florist tells you pink peonies won’t be in-season, and you burst into tears. No matter that you don’t even like peonies — or pink. Your mum is mad that your fiance’s stepmum chose the same colour dress, and suddenly, you’re bawling that your marriage is doomed.
Solved: Let ‘em flow, but then let it go. Think of it as a sign you need a wedding planning break.

At least one not-so-minor unexpected expense will pop up
Whether it’s weather (gotta rent a tent ’cause it looks like rain) or whimsy (gotta get a backup gown ’cause I can’t make up my mind), something that wasn’t in your budget will materialise.
Solved: Even the tightest budget needs a little wiggle room. Build in a buffer (5 percent of the overall budget) from the start, so you won’t have to worry.

The groom-to-be won’t care about things you thought he would
From planning the menu (shrug) to picking the music (yawn), your guy’s uninterested reactions even to the “fun stuff” might catch you off guard and bum you out.
Solved: Ask him what he wants to do and then listen. He may not be as disinterested as he’s acting. It’s possible that you’ve overridden his opinions one too many times and his pride is hurting. Of course, he may just have no interest in wedding planning at all. Remember, you’re marrying this guy. He needs to be a good husband — not a good wedding planner.

You (yes, you) will probably have at least one ‘zilla moment

It might be a quick blip, or it may last for weeks, but there will come a time when you temporarily cross over to the dark side of the aisle. While you’re there, you may truly believe that a pink chocolate fountain, a rose-petal cannon and a Cinderella coach pulled by horses dressed as unicorns are just basic wedding essentials every bride deserves.

Solved: Since ‘zilla outbreaks are tricky to self-diagnose, it’s time to call up your most truth-telling friend and run your new, big plans past her. If she utters any iteration of the words, “Have you lost your mind?” a time-out is in order. The good news is, it happens to the best of brides. And after a brief break from wedding planning, most brides report a return to sane thinking — followed by a good, long laugh with their fiance!

Good luck with your wedding planning!

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